Pinna Shoes orthopedic and diabetic shoes are only available on our website.

After the retail product order, you will be asked for your special measurements for your custom made. It is up to 10 business days to receive your order including production.


We bring the lightness of nature and comfort your feet with our brand Pinna from the Latin word feather. The products of this land and the labor of the masters of this geography, each shoe model is designed and handled with the rigor of art.

All of our models use natural, soft, durable calf leather, which is the healthiest solution for diabetics. Our models, as of 2017 in Turkey 12 million, including nearly 400 million diabetic patients in the world to offer the right solutions for foot health.

Diabetic and Orthopedic Shoes

In diabetic foot care correct shoes are of great importance. For this purpose, the products produced from the so-called plastazot should be used, the aim is to protect the non-felt foot from impacts. Plastazot protects the foot by changing shape with physical factors such as excessive pressure and heat.

Our models have the following features.

  • The part where the fingers enter is wide,
  • Change of shoe insoles to accommodate care products,
  • Shoe sole is similar to ellipse and balance of load distribution,
  • The heel part is sturdy and gripper.
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